AZ St.-Rembert Torhout completes renewed Emergency Department with ED

The ED of AZ St.-Rembert looks great after the recent renovations. Head nurse Wim Van Belle can be proud of the conceptual design, in which the whole team played a part. Also the selection of supporting software was carefully considered. Three software applications were examined in detail and reference hospitals were visited. The recommendation was presented to the management, where the further procedure started.

Wim Van Belle: “I am so happy to see our choice for ED resulted in purchase of the application. On functional level I, and also our team, are convinced ED is the best choice. The experience of the, the maturity of the software, the satisfied and enthusiastic references and the possibility to link to other systems (like our Dräger-monitors), make the difference.”

The first analysis was done. In January ED will go live.

A warm welcome to our!

Gesundheit Nord Bremen opts 4 times for

After an extensive procurement procedure and dito comparison of systems, GeNo Bremen decided to work with in all of its four sites. The implementation has already been started up: this week the current workflows and functional wishes for improvement will be analysed. Also the determination of the IT-infrastructure, the definition of the desired links and the prioritisation was worked out together with the IT colleagues of GeNo Bremen.
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Two new customers during DGINA 2015

At DGINA 2015 two hospitals announced that they would be working with ED: WKK Heide and Leopoldina Schweinfurt. Doctor Fleischmann from WKK Heide is already familiar with from the period he worked as head physician in Klinikum Salgitter and therefore knows from experience that ED will definitely be an added value for the management and support of the workflows and the quality of the documentation. During his international career, doctor Zelihic evaluated several IT systems and thereby preferred as partner to support his new emergency ward on an IT level. Both implementations will still be carried out in 2015. Welcome to the Community!

DGINA 2015: heart-warming

The DGINA conference that took place at the Rhein Energie Station in Cologne last week was once again a heart-warming event for The existing customers that appreciated the sneak preview of the soon-to-be-released new version 3.1, interested people who confirmed the functional ripeness of and already started to dream about the improvements that could realise in their emergency ward, the symposium during which several customers talked about the accomplishments already obtained (there were even so many people that the competition – who always attends our symposia with plenty of interest – had to go stand in the back ), the closing party … This gives us the energy to continue on our journey.

See you in Vienna! 

RotkreuzKlinikum München

Doctor Meyer-Bender compared different IT systems and visited several reference hospitals. He thought everything through and decided to opt for We are of course very happy with his decision and we are looking forward to doing our utmost for the perfect implementation.
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