For the operation room OR offers a computerized workflow, thanks to which the management of the OR is simplified and the composition of the documentation is supported. E OR realizes a top-quality service, from which both the patient, nurse, physician and hospital benefits. OR offers you:

  • easily configurable time slots for the surgeon and/or specialty 
  • a work hypothesis with a full description of every surgery and required resources 
  • an efficient planning of the surgeries by surgeons or secretariats 
  • resource planning 
  • a planning board with an overview of the ward and status of each surgery 
  • composition of documentation (pre-op, per-op and post-op) 
    • time stamps 
    • patient information 
    • use of materials, medication, sets 
    • tracing of sterile materials 
    • performances of the surgeon and anaesthesiologist 
    • diagnosis 
    • preparation of tarification 
  • an (automatic) creation of documents, on paper or in a digital version 
  • an extensive report for the ward, the management and the authorities 

The operation room is not an isle within the hospital. This is why specifically chooses technology that optimally allows for the integration of the software within the hospital. This is even a strict prerequisite in order to live up to the "Best of Breed" philosophy, by which stands.

  • integration and connection with other systems (HIS, lab, anaesthesia record, tarification, ...) OR is available in a multi-site version.

Available languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian