Feedback from AZ Herentals

During our update meeting we once again realised that ED is an unrivalled and indispensable tool for our emergency ward – not only for the day-to-day working and monitoring of the patient flow, but also for the management of the different aspects of the ward.

We appreciate the excellent service and the follow-up that the company offers. You keep on being innovative and provide updates and new things on a regular basis.

We are therefore looking forward to what will be bringing us in the future!

Kind regards

Barry Dekeyser

Head of the emergency ward

Testimony from Aalen ED guarantees a transparent documentation. Everything is fully traceable in time. This is not only necessary for a higher quality of the treatment, but also ensures an adequate billing in the end. The admission status of the patient is correctly managed, which also increases the economic quality. From registration to dismissal, the patient’s status is correctly documented and fitted with all the necessary information.

Many thanks from Goslar

I would especially like to thank you for your professional support and your understanding of the internal problems that we were faced with during the implementation of and still have. Whenever we send you an e-mail or ask you to get into contact with us, you immediately react and are willing to work out a solution.

After only 8 weeks, we were able to use as admission and triage tool and as application for the entire nurse documentation.

An additional improvement is the medical file, which we can now put at the disposal of the care unit in its entirety and in all clarity.

Kind regards

Regina Dorn, ward manager of the emergency room
Asklepios Harzklinik Goslar ED in Klinikum Chemnitz: the results

A completely new emergency ward was constructed at the Klinikum Chemnitz on 3 July 2012. There, we treat 37,000 patients per year. In comparison to the situation before, the surface area of the ward has grown by 250% (from 500 m2 to 1800m2). The emergency room now consists of 16 normal treatment stations, 4 shock rooms and an OR with 2 compartments, including a preparation room.

Evaluation of ED by Klinikum Salzgitter

Klinikum Salzgitter GmbH is treatment centre with a cross-regional attraction. The emergency room treats around 22,000 patients per year and receives many seriously-injured and severely ill. Therefore the ward is often under high pressure during peaks. At the same time a lot of attention is given to a high-quality medical care and short waiting and residence times for the patients. supports Management Vision

The use of ED is not a coincidence, but a part of a management strategy and leadership vision. Since May 2010 Dr. Hogan, president of EuSEM (European Society for Emergency Medicine) has used ED to guide the patient through the care process more quickly and accurately. This benefits both the staff and the management, as well as the patients.
Dr. Hogan wrote down her view on this subject. A must-read!