Assessment Tool: first measured results

The Assessment Tool, available as from 3.0 simplifies and speeds up the structuring of documentation. Klinikum Chemnitz put this statement to the test.

In the past all the files were already documented in ED, much to the satisfaction of the health care providers.

With AT the documentation method was further optimised. Both the anamnesis by the nurses as well as the documentation upon arrival and departure were transformed in user-friendly Assessments. When comparing the two registration methods it appears that the Assessment Tool reduces the number of mouse clicks per file by 46% and the time that is required by no less than 33%. This equals a time gain per patient of 1 minute or a total of 50 hours per month per nurse. Just by implementing these three assessments …

Because of this reason, but also because the number of possibilities to improve the workflow is practically endless, the assessments have gained a prominent place in the documentation.