Testimony from Aalen

E.care ED guarantees a transparent documentation. Everything is fully traceable in time. This is not only necessary for a higher quality of the treatment, but also ensures an adequate billing in the end. The admission status of the patient is correctly managed, which also increases the economic quality. From registration to dismissal, the patient’s status is correctly documented and fitted with all the necessary information.

Furthermore, the workflow is significantly improved. Every step in the treatment is clearly envisaged for every type of health care provider. Every task of medication administration is fitted with a time stamp and the colours in the status bar show what still needs to be done.
Standard procedures such as MRSA screening, wound dressing etc. are smoothly integrated.
Of course every new documentation structure requires time, but one often forgets that this high-quality documentation would simply not be possible without E.care.

I am very happy that I can work with E.care in this hospital again and can only highly recommend it to others.
Maybe just one small remark: if there is a link with the HIS one is automatically dependent on it, which makes things difficult sometimes. Nevertheless, working in an emergency room with just HIS is not a good alternative, I think.

Doctor Stefan Kühner
Chief physician of the emergency room
Ostalb-Klinikum Aalen