CHU Brugmann (Brussels) and ED

At that time a tender was issued in which the functionalities that we wanted to use were described (management of the patient flow, triage support, digital nurse file, digital medical file, billing etc.). We also mentioned a special desire, i.e. that the software should comply with the demands of the two hospital sites, each with their own way of working.

Amongst the various suppliers there was one software that distinguished itself from the others because of its user-friendliness and the way in which it could be adapted to our working situation.

We therefore opted for We needed 6 months to convert our workflow which was then still based on paper into a ‘paperless’ workflow.

Each month we are still making small adjustments on the basis of suggestions for improvement by the employees. Thanks to the fact that improvements can be easily implemented and configured, offers satisfaction in its daily use, both to the administrators as well as to the end users.

At the moment we have a stable system offering an added value for the management of the patient flow and the composition of the patient file. If were to break down, even if it was only 30 minutes, we would feel as if we went back to the Stone Age.

Yves Maule
Chief nurse at the emergency ward and MUG ambulance team